Our Experts

Leslie Wong, Owner

Leslie, Sweet Orchid's founder, started her cooking career unofficially by creating homemade meals for her family. Using her Bachelors Degree in dietetics and a Masters Degree in Food Science & Nutrition, she spent countless hours experimenting with herbs and other specialty ingredients to create both delicious and healthy meals and desserts.

Leslie first tasted gelato some twenty years ago in Rome, Italy. She loved its intense flavors, velvety texture, and beautiful presentations. After discovering that gelato contains less fat than ice cream, she decided it would be the perfect canvas for her to merge her culinary passion and nutrition background. With her new goal in mind, she enrolled in gelato-making classes, purchased equipment, and started making gelato. Now she enjoys creating homemade flavors that are both delicious and healthy.

Her inspiration for the name Sweet Orchid comes from her love of orchids. For Leslie, orchids embody elegance and freshness. To that end, her stores exude a warm and cheerful ambiance. More importantly, she uses seasonal ingredients and creates small batches of gelato to create the freshest gelato experience for her guests. Her hope is that Sweet Orchid will conjure up the pleasure of good taste.

Leslie obtains her inspiration for gelato flavors through books, the Internet, and suggestions from family, friends, and customers. She also loves to explore global influences to add an element of surprise to more familiar flavor profiles. In the future, she hopes to expand into other new and creative types of desserts to enhance her dessert lines for her customers.

Leslie invites you to visit her shops to enjoy a delectable and satisfying dessert, handcrafted on-premise from premium ingredients.