Interested in sharing Sweet Orchid gelato with your family and friends at your next gathering?
Sweet Orchid gelato catering is ready with self-service and full-service packages, perfect for your next event.

Self-service packages – these ready-to-go packages come with your choice of up to 2 flavors, cake cones or cups, gelato spoons, and napkins.

      • Family dinners (4-5 Servings): $10.00
      • Hosting guests (8-10 Servings): $25.00
      • Birthday party (20-25 Servings): $60.00
      • Fiesta Pack* (35-40 Servings): $90.00
*Requires 48 hours advance notice. Other self-service packages can be made ready while you wait.

Full-service packages – When you plan on serving 60 or more guests, really impress them by having us serve our amazing gelato. We cater all sorts of events, including birthdays, parties, festivals, corporate events, and weddings. Our experienced staff will do all the setup, service, and cleanup required to make us a worry-free and glamorous component of your next event. Every full-service catering event will include sufficient cake cones or cups, gelato spoons,napkins, and one experienced server for 2 hours.

We can provide our full-service catering to anywhere in the East Bay, South Bay, or Peninsula.

What’s the next step? Get in touch with us to book your event:
      • Let us know the date and time of your event and how many guests.
      • Choose your flavors.
      • Choose any additional items to make your event even more special.
      • Relax knowing professionals will take care of everything.

General pricing guidelines:
      • 60-99 guests - starting at $360.00
      • 100-149 guests - starting at $500.00
      • 150 guests or more - starting at $600.00

Additional items
      • Extra servers or time
      • Waffle cones or Sprinkle-waffle cones
      • Don’t forget about our French Macaron tower.